Chiggers in Albuquerque
Image via Flickr by Realmantis

Chiggers are tiny, but if you ever have an encounter with them, you won’t forget it. Chiggers are mites and fall under the category of arachnids. This means they are related to ticks, scorpions, and spiders. Birds, small mammals, or rodents are the preferred hosts of this tiny critter, but humans are on the menu as well. The juvenile or larval form of certain species of mites are parasitic and feed off of hosts. When they mature into adults, they are no longer parasitic. In adulthood, they are predatory and feed on insect eggs, small insects, and other chiggers. If you see chiggers in Albuquerque and the suburbs of Nob Hill, North Valley and Heritage East, give us a call today.

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