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It's not difficult to see why 97% of customers would refer our services to a friend. Our people make the difference. Don't take our word for it, though. Take hers. Sit down with one of our customers from Sun City a and see why she (re)joined the Bulwark family.

My name is Lorraine McCarthy. I've been in Sun City, it will be six years in October. I have been with Bulwark a little bit over five years now. The people who came to sway me away from Bulwark were offering me a much cheaper price and without computing careful in my mind I'd just bought his story, signed on the dotted line and then when I had time several days later to check out the paperwork I realized they weren't giving a deal, I was being taken advantage of. So I'm back, and like I said, I plan to stay 'cause, I mean when you have the best and there's no bugs around, why would you leave and go anywhere else?

The thing I like best about the service here is they call me, they let me know what time they're coming, I don't even have to be here if I don't need to be. I just feel very comfortable with knowing that even though I'm not going to be here they will do a good job and if I do have something to tell them, I can just pick up the phone and call the office and let them know this is what they need to look at. I just trust that they're gonna do a good job, and again I come back to the fact that there's no bugs here so they're doing something right.

Would I ever recommend Bulwark to anyone? Yes I would, and yes I have. The reason I would recommend Bulwark to anyone is because I want them to have the same non-problem that I have: no bugs. You know this is living easy. We didn't have a bug person in El Paso, and we saw bugs so I know what it is, and I don't wanna see it here and I don't want my friends to go through that either. So, yeah I’ll recommend to anybody.

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