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The Process of Spider Infestation in Charlotte
How do these spiders infest my home? Here on site, Adam explains how spiders will stay near the home as the seasons cool to keep warm and lay their eggs.

Often times people wonder how those little tiny spiders get inside their house, the kind that run all over the place at night or in the morning time or on the grass when you are mowing your yard and, those little spiders that run in front of your lawnmower in spring. This is the process of infestation: usually it starts the winter before where spiders like this one, a mother wolf spider, will pull up against the house for the warmth that the foundation is actually giving off. If we look carefully we can see her nest underneath the siding of the home, as we see here, and that tunnel entrance. Now she doesn't lay a web down to catch insects. She runs down other insects, so she comes out here and hunts and goes into the wall and hunts insects, but because her lair is up in the wall, when her eggs hatch they'll go in the crawl space or further into the house giving you pressure in the spring.

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1. A solid defensive wall-like structure.
2. A strong support or protection.

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