Scorpions pop-up earlier in Phoenix homes


Bulwark had a spotlight on CBS 5 new recently to give a bit of information about scorpion hunting.

Sean McLaughlin: "OK, get ready to be creeped out. See these little guys right here? Scorpions, yeah, are starting to pop-up in houses all around the valley. And all new tonight at 6:30, CBS 5's Colton Shone went scorpion hunting today and Colton, are these creepy crawlers out earlier than usual?"

Colton Shone: "Yeah, Sean the scorpion experts I talk to say that its warmer than usual for this time of year so scorpions are breading earlier and they have been making more house calls because of those sightings.

Darren DeSylvia: "I remember she smashed it with a book..."

Colton Shone: "Scorpion hunting is almost a nightly ritual at the DeSylvia household.

Darren DeSylvia: "It gets your adrenaline rushing a little bit."

Colton Shone: "With a blacklight in one hand and a tong in the other, Darren searches the house top-to-bottom, checking both daughter's beds every night."

Darren DeSylvia: "As long as the sheets are off of the floor, the scorpions won't be able to climb up." He found these the other day. "Sitting in the poison, I would have thought they would have been dead... One was along the house outside and the other was right along the sliding glass door."

Colton Shone: "Last summer Darren found over 50, he hopes an exterminator will prevent a repeat."

Devin Connor of Bulwark Exterminating: "For every scorpion that you do find, there are a lot more hiding that you are not able to see."

Colton Shone: "Scorpions are pretty hard to spot. If you take a look here, you don't really see any but if you hit the lights and turn on the black lights, you'll see about 10 in here. This is the mother load of scorpions the exterminator saved from house calls. He said that even the biggest ones can slip through the smallest of cracks."

Devin Connor of Bulwark Exterminating: "They usually will travel along electrical lines." Even closed doors... "They only need one-sixteenth of an inch which is about the width of that guy right there..."

Colton Shone: "Darren hopes the spraying helps but will still keep a look-out for them."

Darren DeSylvia: "We want this summer to be a lot less than last year."

Colton Shone: "Now, the scorpion experts say that putting up a slick tape around the base of your home could prevent those scorpions from climbing in. They say that while scorpion hunting does look like fun, they say to be careful because getting stung could be deadly. Reporting live from the East Valley, I'm Colton Shone for CBS 5 News."

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