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Mice in Garage


Sometimes we have rodents without realizing it, but if we can identify a trail and follow it, we can find their nest.

This customer here has rodents in his garage he doesn't even know it. He’s got a very contained unit to hold his dog food, what doesn't know that when he scoops the dog food out - he drops one or two little kernels of dog food; which is enough food for a week for a rodent. You can see rodent droppings right here and right in back into here. As we follow the trail of rodent droppings to the nesting site, around some of this storage material and back into this area is very congested, if you can pan in back behind these you'll see all sorts of droppings down there these rodents have been here for a while. We’ll go ahead and clean it up for him.

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1. A solid defensive wall-like structure.
2. A strong support or protection.

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