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Identifying Black Widows and Webs


Black widows can be pretty easily spotted by their webs. Their webs are notably strong and erratic. As for seeing the spider herself, she is actually very docile and will mostly stay out of your way. It is unlikely you will be bit without aggravating her. If you do get bit, most people other than children and elderly won't receive the death sentence we've all come to fear.

And if you look around the house, you’ve got these spider webs right here that are super tough, and they're so tough that they’ll catch leaves. You can identify these spider webs as Black Widow webs because of the durability of them. See how it doesn’t even break it?

So, the other thing about these webs, these black widow spider webs, is that they are chaotic in nature, just in disarray, so you can tell they’re different from your other spiders, like your funnel spiders or your orb spiders that have patterns to their webs.

As far as black widows biting you, they’re really not that aggressive. If you come around their nest and you play around with their the web, they will come out and they will attack you in thinking you're food or, if you're threatening their egg sacks. But, in general, black widows are not that aggressive. They more just sit and wait for their prey to come to them. But, if you do get bit by a black widow, a child is in danger. Most adults it would probably would just put you in bed for a couple of days, so, but I wouldn’t advise getting bit.

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1. A solid defensive wall-like structure.
2. A strong support or protection.

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