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How Spiders Lay Eggs Inside Your House


Spiders are one of the most frequent pests we deal with, but how do they get in? Well, the key is in how they migrate as babies. They are lifted by a light strand of web and carried by the wind to their new homes, like a kite. Often they are stopped at your house, and live out their life outside, but when they have an egg sac of their own, many of these new little spiders have an opportunity to move inside your home.

Any time you live next to a open field, a golf course or a lake, you get a lot of little spiders ballooning over to your house; they spin a little web in the wind when they're babies and the wind picks up that web, and carries it to a high tree, or to your house where they'll attach to your house and start to thrive. Eventually they grow up, in a way, and this is what we have here. We have five egg sacs each containing about two hundred eggs, so while the problem did not originate here, they got here and now they're laying eggs directly on your wall. The problem is that when these egg sacs hatch, they're gonna find a way in this window from small cracks or crevices and pressure inside your home.

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