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How Spiders Infest your Home in the Fall


When it gets cold outside in the Fall and you begin warming your home, spiders like to go a bit closer to the warm home and lay their eggs which will hatch and more than likely invade your home. With Adam on site, we see how there may be a problem as Spring rolls around.

So what we've got here is a typical neighborhood here in Atlanta, built in the middle of a forest probably several thousand years old. So we're moving into fall here in Atlanta. Leaves are falling off the trees, insect activity dies down quite a bit, but you start heating your house, and when you heat your house, the siding on your house and the foundation around the house is a little warmer than the environment. So, what happens is that they start moving around this time of year looking for places to lay their eggs, and your siding is a prime example of a place that they would go, they would climb up to the foundation and I think if we look in there, along the siding they lay their eggs up in the wall where its a little bit warmer. Now the mother spider may die if it gets cold enough, but her eggs will be up in the wall and when that hatches, its highly likely that the baby spiders will actually move or shotgun into the house versus coming outside. That's one of the primary ways that the spiders actually will get inside the home which you'll start seeing in the spring is little baby spiders setting up camp in the corners of your rooms upstairs and in the basement.

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