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How Spider Webs Reveal Other Infestations


If you have spiders in your home, a nice little trick is to see what they've fed off of to know what else might be seen around the house. Adam is here on site, showing us what he finds.

Here's a great example of what us bug guys look for to find out what's gonna pressure your house. First you got the spiders and then you got what they have been eating. So if you look, these are the things that run fast, these are the things that are usually gone by the time you open the door and turn the light on, but having been eaten, they can't run away, so we look underneath the web to see what's going to be in your basement and what's going to be upstairs eventually, and here I’m finding millipedes, centipedes spiders, parts of roaches.

So, we really have a potpourri of just about everything that's in Atlanta. You're also seeing here numerous egg sacs. This has been a plentiful year; the spider itself is probably dead by now 'cause were later in the winter. They leave their egg sacs behind to hatch for the next spring. If you call Bulwark Exterminating we can come in here and clean this out before this spring comes that we don't have a bumper crop of the spiders.

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