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How Jumping Spiders Infest Your Home


Spiders are much more common around golf courses. This particular breed is a jumping spider. Jumping spiders hunt similar to a cat and lay eggs often, infesting your home quicker than most breeds. Unlike most spiders, they do not catch prey with their web. You may see a lot of these spiders because they migrate more than most and look for cracks into your home.

Any time you're near a golf course or a lake your going to get more spiders. This is an example of how the spiders will use the eves of the house. It’s a cool place to sort of set up camp. What you're looking at is a hunting spider, or a jumping spider. They set up their egg sacs like you see here, that's the white mass right next to the spider. They don’t actually catch insects with that egg sac though, they just lay babies and reinfest your homes more. They catch their insects by running down the insect and surprising it. The problem is, this is the number one type of spider you'll see inside the home, because they tend to migrate a lot and look for cracks in your home.

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