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All kinds of spiders roam in the dry lands of St George, but Duane and his team can take care of any problems. A St George housewife panics over the situation, and Duane was able to help her and her husband out.

We do have some serious spider problems in St George. There’s a lot of different kinds of spiders. We’ve got Arizona Desert Recluse. We’ve got Hobo spiders. We’ve got tarantulas. Then we’ve got all the just different kinds of normal house spiders, web spiders. We had a lady that lived out in Bloomington. She found a tarantula in her home. She wanted to pack up the whole house and move. She was ready to leave the state. Leave everything. She didn’t care. And the husband had called in and was just hoping that we could do anything to help her out. And so we fit her in and scheduled her that day to go out and take care of her needs. And when we went to the home and met with her, she was literally in tears. The spider was there and she didn’t want it there and she wanted to leave and didn’t think that there was anything that could ever be done about it. Sat down with her and explained the treatment that we were gonna do on her home and how we were gonna do it. And actually had her follow me around as I treated the home and all of her windows and doors and anything that we needed to do and took care of the problem for her. It completely calmed her fears down and she was happy again and was happy to stay again and live in St George. We got a special letter written to us from her husband thanking us for calming her down and taking care of her needs and him not having to move and he was really happy with the service we provided and the help we provided his wife. My team and I would be love to service your home we’re 100% guaranteed. If you’re not happy with the service we’ll refund your money.

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