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Nocturnal Scorpion Control

    It is a common thing for someone living in Arizona or Nevada to see a scorpion but in Tulsa, Oklahoma? Although they are rare, scorpions do live in the Tulsa area.
Scorpion     Commonly mistaken for insects, scorpions are actually arachnids, a part of the spider family. They prefer to come out at night to hunt. Normally scorpions will leave you and your household alone and are content to look for dinner outside away from human interaction. However in times of drought or a dry spell scorpions will expand where they look for food and find themselves in your home.
    Scorpions are a hardy pest and it takes more than just regular pest control to take care of a scorpion problem. Since scorpions like to come out at night to hunt, our technicians are nocturnal scorpion exterminators. By spraying for scorpions at night, we can ensure that we get them when they are out and active.
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