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About Sapulpa, OK

Sapulpa, Oklahoma is home to 20,000 residents. The city was named after Chief James Sapulpa, a Creek Indian. Bulwark is here for all of your pest control needs. Here are some of the top pests found in Oklahoma and where to find them in your home.

Springtails: Springtails are usually active in the spring. They are drawn to water and are normally found over swimming pools. Generally speaking they are harmless to humans, though allergies may exist.

Black Widow Spider: Black widows are the most dangerous spider in North America because they inject a neurotoxin with fatal consequences. They can be found in drain pipes, beneath logs and rocks and even under outhouse seats.

Flesh Fly: Flesh flies are usually found eating decaying matter and are attracted to light. They are actually used in determine the rate of decomposition at crime scenes but are not an immediate danger to humans

Scorpions: Most of the time scorpions stay outside but they will move inside looking for dark cover. For the most part scorpion venom is not fatal unless they sting the elderly or the infants. They are still a force to reckon with.

Violin Spider: Violin spiders are often found inside structures where they hide in dark areas such as attics, wall voids, and behind flushing. They will not bite unless provoked and their bite can cause tissue death and an infected wound.

Red Imported Fire Ant: These ants can cause a lot of costs with human health and environmental and property damage. Nests are created in the soil and can be identified as large mounds of soil. Most stings cause a raised welt unless there is an allergic reaction.


1. A solid defensive wall-like structure.
2. A strong support or protection.

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