Moles & Gophers In Tulsa, OK

There are many things to do in Tulsa. Shop at Woodland Hills Mall. Catch a performance at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center. Walk through the Tulsa Zoo, and look at some of this country’s finest art at the Philbrook Museum of Art. The city also offers beautiful weather most of the year, and pristine real estate.

We all know that Tulsa is home to the University of Tulsa, one of the finest University’s in the country. What many homeowners are beginning to find out is that Tulsa is also home to a healthy population of moles and gophers… Very destructive moles and gophers.

These moles and gophers live in a network of tunnels ranging from 200 to 2,000 square feet. These tunnels are typically a foot below ground and reach diameters of three inches. What it means is that moles and pocket gophers are extremely destructive pests.

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Mole & Gopher Control Services In Tulsa, OK

Moles and gophers invade Tulsa yards and gardens, feeding on your flowers, gardens, ornamental plants, vines, shrubs, bushes and trees. A single gopher, for instance, can move down a garden row and impose significant harm in no time at all. These pests also gnaw and break plastic water lines and lawn sprinkler systems. The tunnels of moles and gophers can divert and carry off irrigation water, which leads to soil erosion. Needless to say, these pests damage Tulsa real estate!

Fortunately for Tulsa homeowners, there is a mole and gopher solution. I’m talking about Bulwark Pest Control’s Mole & Gopher Control in Tulsa. Bulwark Exterminating in Tulsa is up-to-date on all of the most recent mole and gopher control techniques, including: mole removal, gopher removal, mole control, gopher control, mole damage control, gopher damage control, mole management, gopher management, mole prevention, and gopher prevention. When it comes to pest control for moles and gophers, Bulwark Exterminating has you covered.

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Pest control services are covered by our satisfaction guarantee. This money back guarantee is included on all Bulwark's Beetle control services. This makes it easy for new customers to try the Beetle control service risk free. Bulwark Exterminating is a Tulsa Exterminator. Perhaps best known for their head way with Tulsa Scorpion Control, Bulwark covers all of the Valley of the Sun's common pests. Services include Tulsa Roach Control, Tulsa Spider Control, and Tulsa Cricket Control.

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