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Centipedes in Tulsa

Centipedes can easily be found throughout the Tulsa area. Although “centi” means 100, centipedes can have anywhere from 30 to over 300 legs. These critters space from brown hues to orange and red hues. Basements, attics, beneath rocks, and undisturbed damp locations are frequent hiding places for these bugs. Centipedes are carnivores and hunt other insects. If you are seeing centipedes in your Tulsa home that means there are other pests too. Professionals can better help asses your individual situation.

Centipedes No More, Guaranteed

Bulwark will satisfy your needs 100% guaranteed. If you see another centipede or other bug after our service, within 48 hours someone will be back at no charge. We work hard for your satisfaction. Centipedes require more than just a general pesticide, and here at Bulwark we guarantee ours works. If we fail to deliver, you’ll get a full refund. We’re not worried, you shouldn’t be either. Call us soon!

Bulwark also operates Tulsa Roach Control, Tulsa Cricket Control, Tulsa Spider Control, and more common bugs. So whether it’s centipedes or any other bug, we’re here to solve it all. Call Bulwark Exterminating in Tulsa today!

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