How Mulch Around Your Home Can Attract Beetles

How Mulch Around the Base of Your Home Can Be Bad
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Perfectly situated as a gateway into the greens of the east coast, Tulsa serves as an oil and gas business powerhouse. Regardless of Tulsa’s financial strength, pest like beetles can easily invade homes. Carpet beetles are tiny beetles that love to chew and damage your carpet. Potato beetles love to ruin gardens and cause havoc outdoors. Pantry beetles will infest all of your dry food. Don’t become a beetle victim. Professionals at Bulwark Exterminating can easily take care of any pests problems.

Other common Tulsa beetles include Blister beetles, assassin bugs, Elm Leaf beetles, Ground beetles, Mold beetles, Sowbugs, and True Chinch bugs.

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Pest control starts here at Bulwark. With the prestige and knowledge to back up our talk, Bulwark promises 100% satisfaction. Regardless of your expectations we will exceed them! If you notice any more bugs, you’ll notice us too. We will send someone out to fix the issue within 48 hours. Risk free is here. Call Bulwark now!

Bulwark Exterminating is a Tulsa Exterminator. Services include Tulsa Roach Control, Tulsa Spider Control, and Tulsa Cricket Control.

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