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Termite Control Services in St. George, Ut

The beauty of St. George’s red rock landscapes is undeniable. Building a life and home in St. George can be a dream. Bulwark is here to help you protect that dream from damaging termites. Termites cause billions in damage to U.S. homes and properties every single year! The following termites can be found in your neighborhood!

Common Termites in St George

Eastern Subterranean

Eastern Subterranean termites are the most common found in St. George. These termites gather in large colonies and can cause a lot of damages. These termites feed on old roots, tree stumps, tree limbs, and also your home. They need a moisture source and usually establish colonies in wood connected to the ground. The structural wood, wooden fixtures and other wooden products of your home are susceptible to their damage.


Drywood termites are also found in St. George. Unlike Subterranean termites, these termites prefer dry conditions and can be found in wood that is not connected to a moisture source. This makes furniture, flooring, doors, and other isolated items vulnerable. Drywood infestations are also harmful for properties.
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