How Do Scorpions Get in The House - Air Conditioning Ducts

How Do Scorpions Get in The House - Air Conditioning Ducts

Let Bulwark Control Your Scorpion Infestation

St. George, UT is home to beautiful weather, the St. George Utah Temple, the St. George marathon, and vibrant St. George real estate. Unfortunately, St. George is also home to the very dangerous bark scorpion.

St. George bark scorpions hide inside your home’s cracks and crevices and attack your home looking for food and water when they are active at night. These scorpions can sting, unleashing very toxic venom. These stings are very painful and can be dangerous.

Scorpions can live for five years unless treated by a scorpion control professional. If you are seeing any scorpions in or around your St. George Utah home, let Bulwark Exterminate your scorpions.

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What Bulwark Customers Are Saying About Scorpion Control Service

Bulwark’s Scorpion Pest Control Guarantee

Customer satisfaction surveys suggest that 97% of Bulwark Pest Control customers would recommend Bulwark Exterminating to a friend or family member. This dedication to customer service, along with a St. George scorpion control guarantee, is why 25,000 scorpion infested homes have been treated by Bulwark Scorpion Control.

St. George residents know Bulwark is the best when it comes to exterminating scorpions… Guaranteed! A licensed scorpion control professional will treat your home and property with the latest scorpion control techniques and technology. If scorpion trouble strikes again between treatments, then we will be back out within 48 hours to re-treat your St. George home. If we still can't please you then we will refund your payment.

Whether it’s St. George Black Widow Control; or St. George Ant Control, St. George Spider Control, St. George Roach Control, or St. George Cricket Control; Bulwark Pest Control will keep you pest free. Give us a call today and start living spider free!

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