Crickets in St. George

The beautiful St. George, UT weather gives residents over 300 sunny days a year. The warm weather means something else is looking to make St. George its home as well… The cricket.

Living in St. George, you’ve heard their chirping, but did you know that crickets are more than just a nuisance? Crickets feed on products with paper in them, like those used to insulate your St. George home. This can lead to large cricket infestations inside your home, garage, attic, or basement.

Additionally, St. George crickets are one of the main food sources for many other spiders, scorpions, and pests. Crickets do bring a great deal of dangerous scorpions and spiders inside your home. If you are frequently hearing or seeing crickets around your Southern Utah home I promise you that other potentially dangerous pests have noticed them as well and will be moving in looking for their next meal.

Camel Crickets In the Basement

Camel Crickets In the Basement

A St. George Cricket Control Guarantee

The amount of crickets found on your property, and inside your basement, attic, or garage, can be a sign of a more serious problem. Cricket infestations can lead to more dangerous St. George pests; pest like the Bark Scorpion and the Black Widow spider. The last thing you want to worry about at the end of your busy day is how many of these scorpions and spiders are moving in to dine on the buffet of crickets surrounding your St. George home. That’s why St. George Cricket Control is so vital.

The Cricket Control professionals at Bulwark Exterminating will exterminate crickets with all of the latest pest control methods. These techniques will also ensure your St. George home remains safe from other dangerous pests as well. Bulwark Cricket Control guarantees that your home will be cricket free. We are so confident about this, that if you see a single cricket in your home after a treatment, we will come back and re-treat your property for free. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! Call us today!

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Bulwark is here to solve all of your Cricket control problems and infestations as part of our family pest control service. If you have any other problems, Bulwark is here to help. We are your local St. George Exterminator. Our pests control services include St. George Cricket Control, St. George Ant Control, St. George Scorpion Control, and St. George Spider Control.

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