Does the Black Widow always eat her mate?

Does The Black Widow Always Eat Her Mate

Black Widows in St. George

Black Widows are the most dangerous spiders in St. George. Black Widows are noticeable for the red hourglass marking on their abdomen, although sometimes the markings vary or are not present at all. These arachnids are also quite reclusive, and wait for their victims to come to them. If you see irregular spider webs this may be a sign that you have Black Widows.

Most insect bites are nothing for St. George residents, but the Black Widow’s definitely poses a threat. The sting may initially just feel like a prick, but can quickly take a turn for the worse. Victims may experience headaches, joint pain, stomach pain, fever, nausea, vomiting, muscle cramping, and more. Professional pest control should be a priority in your home if there are older folks and young kids, seeing as they are more at risk to these symptoms.

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