How Mulch Around Your Home Can Attract Beetles

How Mulch Around the Base of Your Home Can Be Bad
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Guaranteed St. George Beetle Control

St. George is known for its dry and warm climate in the state of Utah. The natural beauty of St. George draws real estate to the red rock mountaintops. Along with mountain landscapes also come mountain bugs of all kinds like beetles.

Carpet beetles, ground beetles, and pantry beetles are frequently found infesting St. George homes. Chewing away at your flooring and invading your cupboard space, these pests definitely disturb the peace. We’re here for you. Call a professional today!

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Bulwark Exterminating guarantees all services. Insured with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, you won’t break a sweat about who to call. Bulwark promises you won’t see any bugs. If you do you’ll see us too, or best bug guy will be back within 48 hours. Our services will be more than you ever dreamt of from professional pest control. Call Bulwark now! St. George Exterminatoring is well known for their head way with St. George Scorpion Control, Bulwark covers all of St. George's common pests. Services include St. George Roach Control, St. George Spider Control, and St. George Cricket Control.

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