Bulwark does not offer bed bug solutions in the St. George area.

This page is offered as a resource on how to identify and solve bed bug problems. Bed Bugs are present in the St. George area. To determine if you have bedbugs begin with an inspection as outlined below:

How To Check For Bed Bugs

If you have found evidence of bed bugs then you will want to contact a professional to determine the extent of the problem. Prices for bed bug treatments are determined by the number of rooms and the type of service. Chemical treatments will take several visits. Heat treatments may appear more costly, but considering time and effectiveness they are often the better value.

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About Bed Bugs

Terrifying homes and bedrooms alike for decades, bed bugs are a real threat. Bed bugs are common amongst frequent travelers. They can be picked up just about anywhere and introduced into your home. They set up home base usually on your mattress. Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures that feed at night. These pests can cause rashes and allergies to their human hosts. Check out our Bed Bug Control Page to find out more.

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