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The first day we moved in we found two scorpions in our newly built home. After shopping around I found Bulwark to have the most competitive prices in San Antonio. Not only is the price good but the service is excellent and we have been SCORPION FREE since the first service. Steven has been our tech ever since we have started service three years ago; this brings me piece of mind in knowing that there is someone in my home and around the perimeter that I now know and trust. Steven is awesome and the customer service I receive from Bulwark is top notch. I would recommend this service to anyone with pest issues.‎

Moan Drice
San Antonio, TX
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Family-owned, 97% recommended with a 100% money-back guarantee, Bulwark Exterminating is the preferred exterminating company in Universal City, TX. We want to be your pest control company, call us today...

About Universal City, TX

San Marcos Quick Facts

  • State: Texas
  • Counties: Bexar
  • Elevation: 764 ft
  • Median Income: $50,051
  • Population: 14,849
  • Mayor: John Williams
  • Government Type: Council-Manager

Within Bexar County is Universal City. The city borders San Antonio. Along with being next to San Antonio the city shares its borders with the Randolph Air Force Base. The chapel is shown above. The Air Force is a contributing factor in protecting our rights. Without them the country is vulnerable to attack. Bulwark Pest Control is like the air force, but we protect your home. Without good, quality pest control your home is vulnerable to attack from all sorts of pests. We are happy to answer any of your questions. Our technicians our reliable and we have professional customer service. Give us a call today.

Definition of Bul·wark:

1. A solid defensive wall-like structure.
2. A strong support or protection.

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