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History runs deep in the heart of San Antonio. The city is well known for The Alamo historic site. Representing bravery and freedom, the city of San Antonio has everything you need, from professional sports to high education. San Antonio has been around for a long time, and Carpenter ants have been too.

Carpenter ants are very destructive pests. They cause tons of damage to U.S. homes and structures. Unlike termites, these ants don’t eat wood. Carpenter ants destroy wood by building their nests and colonies in it. These colonies can spread and strengthen. Start your professional help today!

Bulwark’s Carpenter ant protection is 100% guaranteed to work. With our five-step program, we have complete Carpenter ant protection for your San Antonio home. Don’t let these or other pests ruin your life. Let Bulwark help you. We ensure our services 100%. You’ll be pleased no matter what!

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