When Do Black Widows Come out?

When Do Black Widows Come Out

The Threat of Black Widows

Finding a Black Widow in your home can be worrisome, considering these spiders are some of the most dangerous in San Antonio. Known for being extremely black with a massive abdomen, and even more distinctly for a red hourglass mark on the abdomen, these spiders are quite intimidating. Black Widows are relatively shy spiders that wait for their prey in nooks and corners. Seeing an irregular spider web is a sign of Black Widows being present in the home.

The toxicity of a Black Widow’s bite can be impactful to San Antonio residents. Symptoms from the wound vary from dizziness, nausea, fever, discomfort at the site, and muscle pains. This spider’s bite can be a serious threat to children and the aged. Reach out for professional medical help if you are bitten by a Black Widow in San Antonio.

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