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Brent Beirdneau was here for our initial service and did an extremely thorough job. He was amiable, polite and very professional as well. I am impressed overall with Bulwark for their knowledge in how to control our problems. They gave me a ton of info regarding their service and the pests that they exterminate. Compared with other services that I interviewed, Bulwark was definitely the most impressive!‎

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"Tyson is what i would consider an ideal tech. He listened to our concerns and agreed to complete the service to our house the way we asked that he do so. He went above and beyond! Our bug problems( roaches, scorpions, etc) are decresing dramatically because of Tyson's great service!"
Date published: 05/12/2011
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Roaches are one of the most disgusting pests out there.  Roaches can be a health concern to children and families.  Roaches leave behind old roach body shells, droppings, saliva, and lost body parts.  The cockroach’s debris causes respiratory problems in children and adults that are allergic to these roach antigens. And cockroaches can spread many diseases.  Plus, roaches themselves can smell bad.  So you have good reason to get rid of roaches.

A clean home doest’t solve a roach problem.

Roaches have often been associated with poor housekeeping, but even the cleanest home could have a roach problem.  In fact, a roach can live off of the oil from one fingerprint for a week! Do you really think you can maintain a home with zero fingerprints?  And some areas of the country, like Houston, are just prone to roach infestations no matter how clean or dirty a home is. 

Is there a roach control solution?

The good news is, if treated properly, a professional can get rid of roaches inside your home, and fairly quickly. Plus, our roach control solution doesn’t end with just getting rid of roaches inside your home, but extends to protecting the outside of home in a way that prevents cockroaches from ever infesting your home again.  There is a real roach control solution, and we can help.

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