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Orlando did an excellent job and agreed quickly to go to our crawl space and gave the treatment and offered to put a note to the account that technitians would go couple of times a year to the cralspace and spray the pestisides.‎

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Nocturnal Scorpion Control

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Scorpions are a venomous member of the arachnid family that flourish in the hot dry climate of Arizona, Nevada and Texas. They can however be found in the wooded areas of North Carolina. ScorpionDue to the expanding of homes into a scorpions natural habitat, scorpions have become a common pest to be reckoned with. To make the situation worse scorpions are a very hardy pest and require specific methods to exterminate. Bulwark Exterminating provides its customers with an advantage from our years of experience and research on scorpion control. Over the years Bulwark has treated over 20,000 scorpion troubled homes in the US. Through close monitoring of results and feedback from our customers, Bulwark has developed a signature treatment that institutes the best products, placement and customer follow up. Scorpions are nocturnal hunters that take advantage of the cover of darkness to catch crickets and other insects. Well what this means to Bulwark is our professionally trained technicians had to be nocturnal exterminators. The best time to spray for scorpions is when they are active and out of their daytime hiding places. If you call for scorpion treatment don't be surprised when our stealth mode technicians under the cover of darkness spray and eliminate any unwanted scorpions and other pests.

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