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Crickets are the main food supply for several other bugs, spiders, and insects. If you are seeing or hearing crickets around, there are bound to be many other insects around chasing their favorite hopping entree.

Although crickets aren't very scary, when the sun begins to go down, their chirping sounds can disturb your only moments of peaceful relaxation for the day. The last thing you want to think about at the end of your day is how many spiders are moving in to take advantage of the vast food supply around your home.

The number of crickets around your home is an indication of how many other, more dangerous pests are about to invade. If you are experiencing a cricket problem in your home and live in Raleigh, call Bulwark Exterminating to help you get rid of the cricket problem in your home and yard before you are invaded with pests. We put a lot of effort and research into determining the best solution for controlling crickets in the Raleigh area. We are dedicated to customer service and if you have a cricket problem, we guarantee we can eliminate it or your money back. We want to be your cricket control specialist so call us today at (919) 348-2071!

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