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Crickets in Raleigh

With over 900 different species of crickets, these pests call the whole world home, including Raleigh. Crickets may be the least intimidating bugs around, but they definitely qualify for the most aggravating. Every night crickets begin most of their activity. Chirping away looking for mates is their trademark; a trademark most homeowners don’t find pleasant in the late hours of night. Even more unpleasant is the amount of predators that lurk around trying to catch crickets. Scorpions and spiders are some. Call professionals to help you eradicate your Raleigh home of these unwelcomed pests.
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Guaranteed Cricket Elimination

Bulwark has been exterminating crickets for years. Cricket and predator extermination is 100% satisfaction guaranteed to Raleigh homeowners. If you hear a cricket or see any other pests, we will return to resolve the situation within 48 hours. If you’re not happy with our efforts, we’ll refund your purchase. Professional pest control starts here at Bulwark, so call us today!

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