How Spider Populations Infest from the Crawlspace

How Spider Populations Infest From the Crawlspace

The Raleigh Brown Recluse

Spiders can be alarming insects to Raleigh homeowners. Brown Recluse spiders are well known for their venomous bite, but are not native in the Raliegh area. They do call a small part of western North Carolina home so be sure to use our Brown Recluse guide to determine whether you are seeing a Brown Recluse in your Raliegh home. Call a professional exterminator for any help.

It is very likely the spider you are seeing is a Wolf spider. These kinds of arachnids are everywhere and are easily confused for Brown Recluses. Typically larger in size, and lacking the violin mark, Wolf spiders can also cause damage. Read our Wolf Spider vs Brown Recluse post to learn more about the differences between these two nasty pests.

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