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Ants in Raleigh

Ants may be the most underestimated insects in the bug world. These insects create large colonies that can quickly overtake your home. Ants are foragers, meaning they run around looking for anything they can digest. These bugs usually keep to the outdoors, but will trespass inside on certain occasions. Some species, like the Fire Ant, also pack powerful stings to people. If you see ant mounds on your property, it’s probably time to start looking into some professional assistance.
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Bulwark Exterminating is here to solve any ant infestations in your Raleigh home. All of our services are 100% guaranteed to work. Customer satisfaction is a priority for us. We know we can exceed your expectations of pest control services. If you spot any critters after we treat your home, we will be back to fix that within 48 hours. If we just can’t measure up, we will refund your money. No risk pest control services are here at Bulwark. Call today!

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