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"We have used Bulwark for about the last 8 years and have always been happy with their services, but having Eric B as our designated tech the past couple of years is definitely what keeps us satisfied customers! Eric is friendly, knowledgable, prompt and very thorough. I always feel he takes extra pains to make sure our home is taken care of the same way he would take care of his own. In the past I have referred friends and neighbors to Bulwark and have recommended that they request Eric B. I will continue to sing his praises to all my friends who don't want pest problems!"

Date published: 02/21/2012
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About Mesa AZ

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Mesa, AZ is the 3rd largest city in Arizona. Hohokam park in Mesa is a tribute the area’s first settlers. Today the city of Mesa, AZ is populated with 463,OOO+. Mesa hit wrap speed in its development as the Phoenix Metro began to stretch further and further out. Areas of Mesa that were once considered far distant lands, are now prime real estate, and relatively close to Phoenix.

Most of Mesa is residential and most residents commute to their jobs in Phoenix or other neighboring cities, like Scottsdale, AZ and Tempe, AZ. Much of Mesa was once farm land. And for many years the farm lands and irrigation feed and bred the native pest population. And as new homes were dropped down on top of these fertile insect ridden farm lands, the bugs moved out of the soil and into the walls of the new structure.

Today, Mesa families are constantly battling to keep scorpions, black widows, pincher bugs, and centipedes. The best defense against these pests is a protective barrier around your home. A wall-like structure that is regularly reinforced.

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