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Our Phoenix Cricket Control Guarantee

Crickets are food for loads of other pests. These noisy critter snacks are easy for Bulwark to combat. Bulwark certifies your full satisfaction with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We insure that you will not see any more crickets or other bugs after we treat your home. If by some rare chance you do happen see any other signs of insect life in your home give us a call. Bulwark will have a technician back at your home within 48 hours. We assure to exceed your expectations of service. Start your home’s protection with Bulwark today!

97% of Customers Surveyed in 2009 Recommend
Bulwark Exterminating to Friends and Family.

Getting risk-free pest control services is easy here at Bulwark. Our services are endorsed by our customer satisfaction guarantee. Your home will be 100% bug free or your money back. Bulwark Exterminating is a Phoenix Exterminator which services over 10,000 Phoenix homes. Very well known for it's Phoenix Scorpion Control, but Bulwark also covers all of the Valley of the Sun's common pests. Services include Phoenix Roach Control, Phoenix Ant Control, and Phoenix Spider Control.

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