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I have been using Bulwark for 6 or 7 years in our old house and our new one. The house next to us is vacant and has been for almost a year. Recently we saw a scorpion in our house. We called Bulwark and Dustin came out right away. He treated our house inside and out, and explained things about what scorpions do, likely points of entry, and how to prevent it. Now, he makes a point of spraying the wall of the vacant house next door as that is most likely the source of our problem. All of the technicians we have had are very polite and professional. Dustin has been great. And Bulwark has been great for us.‎

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Family-owned, 97% recommended with a 100% money-back guarantee, Bulwark Exterminating is the preferred pest control company in Cave Creek, AZ. We want to be your pest control company, call us today...

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"Glen came by this morning to spray for scorpions and was very helpful, courteous and friendly. Treated inside and outside and wore shoe protectors while working inside. Answered all our questions and did a very thorough job! Thanks Bulwark Exterminating!"

Date published: 07/15/2011
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About Cave Creek AZ

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Cave Creek, AZ – With a population of a little over 4,900, the town of Cave Creek Arizona sure has exceeded its size in popularity. Cave creek provides great views, hikes, and biking. And with gorgeous homes, and luxurious restaurants it’s no wonder that this desert city adds its own brilliance to the Valley of the Sun. And Binkley’s restaurant is the candle on top of the cake, iced off by Cartwright’s.

However, there are other munchers found in Cave Creek that are not so friendly. Cave Creek caters to some of the insect world’s larger meat eaters, the Desert Hairy Scorpion and the Tarantula. While these two arachnids rarely take a bite of actual meat or human flesh, they are predators that feed on insects. Crickets are always a nice meal for a hungry scorpion. But don’t let these pests ruin your wonderful weather.

Cave Creek, AZ had more shining star reviews; that can solve all your pest invader problems; Bulwark Exterminating – Cave Creek pest control extraordinaire!

From silverfish to crickets, from mountain high tarantulas to valley low scorpions, your answer lies in a protective Bulwark. Get your Bulwark today!


1. A solid defensive wall-like structure.
2. A strong support or protection.
Cave Creek, AZ – see also Scottsdale, AZ and Fountain Hills, AZ

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