What do Black Widows look like?

What Do Black Widows Look Like

Black Widows in Phoenix

The deserts of Phoenix are filled all kinds of creepy crawlers, but none more intimidating than the Black Widow. Black Widows are commonly found in Phoenix homes. These spiders are not extremely aggressive but hide out in attics, garages, in wood piles, and bushes waiting for other bugs to catch. It is pretty easy to identify a Black Widow. They are black with a sizeable abdomen. The abdomen usually carries a very uncommon red hourglass mark, although sometimes there are just random red lines or no red at all.

Black Widow bites maybe the toughest spider bites out there. Adults may experience fever, muscle spasms, localized pain, nausea, vomiting, and more. Children and elderly people can experience much more heightened reactions to this spider’s dangerous bite. We recommend professional medical assistance if anyone in your home is bitten by a Black Widow.

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