How Big Are Jumping Spiders?

Jumping spiders can grow to 1/2 inch in length.

What Do Jumping Spiders Look Like?

Jumping spiders in general are stout, hairy spiders with short, strong legs. The top of the abdomen often has colorful hairs of red, orange, yellow, or white, and some males may have brilliant iridescent green or blue jaws. It is the enlarged middle front pair of eyes that distinguishes these interesting spiders.

What Do Jumping Spiders Eat?

They are predatory and hunt for other arthropods and insects. Jumping spiders stalk their prey to within a few body lengths, then crouch, crawl slowly forward, lift the front legs and pounce.

What Do Jumping Spiders Do?

Jumping spiders have the ability to leap up to 20 times their body length to escape a threat. They are able to do this by means of muscular contractions that force body fluids into the legs, causing them to extend rapidly. These spiders can often be found indoors wandering over walls or floors as they hunt for food. They have four sets of eyes, excellent eyesight and can see prey up to 18 inches away. They are active during the day, as they need light to see their prey.

How Do Jumping Spiders Reproduce?

Jumping spiders have separate sexes, and the eggs have to be fertilized. The genital openings of both male and female are located on the abdomen. The male spins a little web and deposits sperm in it, then moves the sperm to the palpal organ. After sperm are transferred to the female, they can be stored in her body for an extended period.

Interesting Facts About Jumping Spiders:

The jumping spider can be found on trees, grass and rocks when the sun is shining. At night or during rainfall the spiders hide in a dry spot under a small web. Jumping spiders use their silk to line their abode, cover their eggs, and to create a �drag line� behind them as they walk about.
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