How Big Are Smokey Brown Cockroaches?

This is one of the larger roach species with adults growing up to 1� inches in length.

What Do Smokey Brown Cockroaches Look Like?

The smoky brown cockroach is solid dark brown and has fully developed wings that extend past the tip of the abdomen.

What Do Smokey Brown Cockroaches Eat?

These cockroaches prefer to eat plants and are therefore often a pest in greenhouses, nurseries and gardens.

What Do Smokey Brown Cockroaches Do?

The smoky brown cockroach is a nocturnal insect that typically lives outdoors; hiding under vegetation and yard debris, heavy mulch layers and thick leaf litter. These cockroaches are extremely common in Texas and Louisiana where they have also become an indoor problem.

How Do Smokey Brown Cockroaches Reproduce?

The smoky brown cockroach's egg capsule is large and brown and the female glues it into cracks and crevices where it will be hidden from view. The capsule contains about 24 eggs which hatch in 45 days. Once hatched, the nymphs take six to twelve months to develop.

Interesting Facts About Smokey Brown Cockroaches:

Smoky brown cockroaches lose moisture through their cuticle, and therefore prefer damp, dark and poorly ventilated environments.
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