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We have been using Bulwark for about 7 years. We live on a hillside in Fountain Hills and have a tremendous scorpion problem. The Bulwark treatments have pretty much kept the scorpions under control. We still find 1 or 2 in our house every month, but they are nearly dead as a result of having passed through the chemical barrier before entering our home. Our techinician, Dustin, is very professional and makes every effort to treat our home in a manner that gives us a lethal barrier to any pests that want to come inside.‎

Mesa, AZ
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Our People

Key Fact- 63% of every dollar bulwark recieved in 2007 went to employee compensation. Bulwark Pest Control is a family owned exterminating company.

Our people (Employees):

We take care of the people who take care of you. They like you and will treat your home as if it was there own.

Employee screening:

All new hires go through a rigorous criminal background check, driving record check, and full drug test. Random drug tests are conducted on an ongoing basis. We compensate our technicians through performance bonuses which insure quality service and account for most of their pay.

Employee compensation:

On average, our technicians make 20% more than technicians in the industry. Additionally, our employees get more days off than post office workers. We work hard and play hard.


Bulwark has a solid PPO health insurance plan with dental as well. We like technicians with families so we cover most of their health insurance premium. Our portion is over $800 per month per family. Family men and women are more reliable on average.


We promote only from within. We operate on a stewardship system. Excel and you're given more responsibilities and pay. We have a management training program designed around three books, "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" Steven R. Covey "Less Is More, How Great Companies Use Productivity As a Competitive Tool in Business", Jason Jennings and "Satisfaction, How Every Great Company Listens to the Voice of the Customer", Chris Denove and James D. Power IV of J.D. power and Associates. We prefer our people over Harvard business school graduates when it comes to managing customer satisfaction.

Other perks to "Our People":

Long-term co-workers earn college tuition for their children and ownership.