Common Las Vegas Pests

One of the biggest pest problems in the city of Las Vegas is cockroaches. They thrive in dirty areas because there is an abundance of food. They are not only prone to infest dirty areas, but anyplace where there is a water source is susceptible. When they infest your home, they can spread disease. If you start seeing even a few, get Professional Roach Control. Las Vegas Ants There are several types of ants that like to make life miserable for Las Vegas homeowners. The three most common ants include Pharaoh ants, Fire ants, and Carpenter ants. Each of these ant species is malevolent in their own way. All are destructive; all can either bite or sting. They spread quickly, and if left untreated, they can wreak havoc on your home and property! Call today! Our Pest Control Las Vegas services include guaranteed Ant Control. Las Vegas Scorpions The most infamous of all Las Vegas pests is the Bark scorpion. The reason? Their painful stings. Don’t get stung, get professional scorpion control! Las Vegas Spiders There are several types of spiders that Las Vegas residents hate seeing in their home. Black Widow spiders, Wolf spiders, and Large Orb spiders seem to get people running to their phones the quickest to call a Las Vegas Spider Control exterminator. Are you having spider problems? Get Guaranteed Spider Control. Crickets, silverfish, pillbugs, and most every other creepy crawly pest is also covered and guaranteed under our Family Pest Control Service.
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Las Vegas is full of pests, and I’m not referring to those smut peddlers on Las Vegas Blvd. Bark scorpions, cockroaches, ants, spiders, and crickets are all pretty common around the city. Some of these pests can be dangerous, and all of them are unwanted. They can destroy your property and hurt your own peace of mind. Quite frankly, pest infestations can make your life a living nightmare! When it comes to invasive bugs, the fact that we live in the great city of Las Vegas doesn't help. The moderate winters allow for a higher reproduction rate among insects. They have more mating cycles in one year, compared to pests in other areas of the country. More mating cycles obviously means more bugs. When it comes to pests, one sure-fire way to protect your home, and your sanity, is to call a Las Vegas exterminator; an exterminator who has excellent reviews, and who comes highly recommended. Protect your home and get rid of the bugs by calling Bulwark Exterminating in Las Vegas today!
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