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I just signed up for Bulwark and they just treated my house about 20 min ago. From what I can see, they do a great job at treating your house/yard. I am already seeing dead bugs all over. Bentley was our service guy and I cannot can not say enough great things about his customer service. Very nice guy, explains things well and did a great job. Looking forward to the great service in the future.‎

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Mesa is a suburb of Phoenix, and the third largest city; in the State of Arizona. Mesa is abundant with residential communities as well as economic opportunities. The hot and dry weather can drive many unwanted pests into comfortable Mesa homes. Dangerous pests like the Black Widow Spider and the Bark Scorpion can be harmful and frightening. Other pests like fire ants and roaches can damage property and landscape. Protect your home from pesky pests and call a recommended exterminator today.

Common Pests Found in Mesa, AZ

Scorpions: Frightening, painful, and even deadly*, the Arizona bark scorpion is an un-welcomed guest. The Arizona Scorpions are the most deadly in the US. Read more about AZ Scorpions and Scorpion control.

Fire Ants, Harvester Ants, and Carpenter Ants are common ants found in Mesa. Arizona actually has more ant species than any other US state! One fire ant colony can increase in size by 1,600 new ants a day. A colony can soon overwelm your home unless you call... Get rid of ants today with our Pest Control Mesa Services.

Black Widow Spiders, Wolf Spiders, and Brown Recluse Spiders are a few of the Mesa spiders that our unique spider control service covers. Spiders are not easy to control, but we can guarantee results. We have developed our spider control based on research done by the University of Arizona. Get Guaranteed Spider Control.

Do not forget Bulwark can also help get rid of nasty Beetles( not The Beatles), Crickets, Termites, and Bed Bugs!!

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