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Termite Control Services in Mesa, AZ

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Mesa is home to about a half million people, with thousands of homes. These homes all need a termite specialist that they can trust. At Bulwark Exterminating we want to protect the investment of your home, and give you a peace of mind. The top three common termites found in Arizona are listed below and there is a solution for all of them. Contat Bulwark today and protect the strucutre of you rhome! Our defensive barrier around your home will keep the termites out.

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Termite Species found in Mesa, AZ

Eastern Subterranean - The Eastern Subterranean termite or the Reticulitermes flavipes are one of the termites found in Mes and surrounding areas. About twenty percent of all homes will experience some sort of infestation from these termites. The queen termite will lay as many as 2,000 eggs in a single day, allowing for a huge infestation. Every year millions of dollars and damges are caused by these common termites. The worker termites are the actual termites that attack the structural integrity of your home and they are about an 1/8th of an inch long.

Long Jawed Desert Termite - The Gnathamitermes preplexus or the long jawed termite can not eat some of the harder woods, but it is still a good practice to check with your local termite control company just to make sure your home is safe from these termites.

Desert Subterranean - Heterotermes aureus, or more commonly known as the Desert Subterranean and they are the most common type of termite found in Mesa and surrounding areas of the Valley. They live in catci and other desert plants, but they will damage the structures of buildings that are made out of wood. They only need about a 1/32nd of an inch in order to get inside your home. Including their wings they are about a half inch long. They are a yellowish brown in color. A typical Desert Subterranean colony may include nearly 300,000 termites with numerous number of queens. One colony can infest about an acre of land making termite control a most for residents of Mesa.

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