Don’t wait until the bed bugs bite! Bulwark Exterminating is here to solve any pest problems. We will deal with the problem for you. Bed bugs can be sneaky and having professional help is always best. Let us help you! Check out our Bed Bug Control page.

Mesa Bed Bug Control Quick Facts

Can Bed Bugs Bite through Clothes
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Bed Bugs and How to Exterminate Them

Bed bugs are blood-suckers. It doesn’t really matter if your home is spot-free or your average duster, bed bugs will stay anywhere with people or animals. They prefer us hairless humans, and thus install themselves in our beds. This allows them to feed at night when we are asleep. These pests can cause allergic reactions, rashes, and other symptoms.

Heating up!

Heat is the perfect solution to exterminating Bed bugs. In all stages of life, Bed bugs will die at temperatures over 122°F. These professional heat treatments are the perfect way to eliminate these pests. Heat treatments are also eco-friendly. There is no chemicals and no hassle!

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