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What you should know about how to control ants:

Ants are a very tricky pest control problem. Most of the general pest control products will list ants on their label, but that does not mean they are effective against ants. Just because a product will kill an ant does not mean it will solve an ant infestation. Due to an ant's ability to smell and detect most pesticides, some products may make your situation worse. So over the counter pest control spray “Rad” (name changed to protect name brand sprays) can cause the ant colony to feel threatened. Once threatened they can bud out and make more colonies! Baits are one of the most effective solutions to controlling ants. Certain ants only like sugar, others starch, others protein, and others change diets based on what time of year it is. Identifying the ant is crucial in selecting an effective ant bait. Just because an ant looks like a little black ant does not mean it is a little black ant. What you think is a little black ant could be a red ant, a brown ant, a harvester ant, a pharaoh ant, a carpenter ant, and the list could go on. Plus even after identifying the ant and selecting a good ant bait, where you place the ant bait can change its effectiveness. There is an even better solution than ant bait to control ants in your house! After dealing with ants for so long and in so many homes, Bulwark has come across a very effective ant control solution; an ant control solution only known to a select few pest control professionals.
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