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About Henderson, NV

The picture above was taken during a lightning storm in Henderson, Nevada. Nevada is famous for their brilliant light shows both natural and artificial. But these storms can cause serious damage to your homes. But there may be a problem in your home 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This problem is the natural residents of the area, the bugs. These pests cause millions of dollars in damages a year. Don't let them be a problem, call your local pest control company today! Bulwark Pest Control is a family-owned company that is dedicated to quality service, we guarantee it! Give us a call today!


1. A solid defensive wall-like structure.
2. A strong support or protection.

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Hara Las Vegas, NV
Bulwark Exterminating is our number one pest control company, Our technician Ed Sakugawa is very courteous, friendly and helpful. He is very good of what he does and really proud of his job. I have mentioned him to my sister who is looking of changing her current pest control service from another company. My sister is sold and will be calling to have a service started next month. I will always be with Bulwark as long as I have Ed as our tech. He is the kind of employee that gives a company a good name. Keep up the good work Ed.‎