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Knoxville is home to University of Tennessee Volunteers. It is also home to a variety of annoying and even dangerous pests. Knoxville’s moderate weather allows for high proliferation, and ultimately, high survival of insects and spiders. Furthermore, the continued growth of the city, and increase of building and landscaping gives bugs more food, water, and shelter resources. These factors illustrate the need for quality pest control services provided by Bulwark Exterminating.

Knoxville, Tennessee

Common Pests Found in Knoxville, TN:

Roaches - Knoxville, Tennessee’s moderate weather, with it’s warm summers, makes it the perfect place to live. Nobody knows this better than cockroaches. Roaches take refuge in Knoxville homes, desiring a warm shelter with an abundance of water and food. Sadly, that happens to be in the interior of the modern home. Roaches, like the Oriental Cockroach, can be a pest and disturbance to homeowners. Store bought pest control products are insufficient at keeping the roaches at bay. Get Professional Roach Control.

Spiders - If you have lived in Tennessee for any amount of time, you have likely run into that small, ugly, light-brown colored spider with the distinguishing violin shape on its back, that creepy looking thing is a Brown Recluse Spider. They will bite and are venomous. Another venomous spider in Knoxville is the Black Widow. Black Widow spiders hide in corners of buildings, in back yard sheds, under and in wood and trash piles, in basement window wells, and in many other cool and dark corners of your home. If you see a Black Widow spider, keep your distance and call an exterminator. These spiders are very dangerous. Read about our Unique Spider Control.

Ants - Knoxville, Tennessee is considered to be a happy and peaceful place to reside. Unfortunately, the Red Imported Fire Ant agrees and has since tried to disturb this peace since its introduction in 1930; wrecking havoc in Knoxville homes. The Red Imported Fire Ant is one of the worst ant pests in terms of human health, property damage, and environmental damage. These ants can bite and also cause large welts with their painful stings. Other common ants in Knoxville include: the Argentine ant, the Carpenter ant, the Acrobat ant, and the Little Black ant. Keep all of these pesky ants away with Bulwark Ant Control.

Termites - Termites cause more damage to Knoxville homes than floods, fires, and storms combined. Even with all the termite destruction, most homeowner insurance policies will not cover termite damage. It’s imperative that you protect one of your biggest investments with Termite Control.

Other Pests - Springtails, crickets, centipedes, millipedes, silverfish, and earwigs are all commonly found in Knoxville. We don't stop there. We also will take care of your Small Rodents (mice and rats). All of these creepy crawly pests are also covered and guaranteed under our Family Pest Control Service.

Our Knoxville Pest Control Guarantee

Our service plan is simple and guaranteed. If you are ever dissatisfied with our service, let us know and we will retreat your home for free. Please call us if you ever see any ants, or any other pests, between your regular service. We will be back out within 48 hours guaranteed and often much sooner! If you're still not pleased then we will refund your payment. According to our customer satisfaction survey, 97% of customers would recommend us to a friend.

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