How Brown Recluse Spiders infest From The Basement

How Spiders Infest from the Basement

The Knoxville Brown Recluse

Brown Recluses in Knoxville, TN are tan in color and are about the size of a quarter. They hide in your discarded clothing, underneath your bed, and in your basements, attics and garages as they hunt for roaches and crickets to eat. Although they are shy in nature, they do bite when bothered, even unintentionally. These bites are dangerous and can even be deadly. Take a look at our Brown Recluse guide to better help you identify these pests.

The Dangers Of Brown Recluse Bites

Brown Recluse bites are some of the most painful out there. At first, victims won’t notice being bitten unless they see the spider, but after a few hours the bite will make itself known. The bite location will begin to discolor, itch, and feel intense pain and discomfort. Other signs include fever, vomiting, and nausea.

Being bitten by a Brown Recluse can be serious, seek medical treatment if reactions are severe.

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