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What great service we had with Bulwark! We have been customers for 5 years and just recently had spider friends visiting us on the inside. I called and spoke with Nicole Gustad and she was very helpful and was able to schedule some one to come out and spray inside and out! Thanks to our Tech David Hinson who by the way had a great attitude (you could tell he loved his job) and could joke around with me about my new little inside friends. He came in and sprayed every nook and cranny! He did a fantastic job! He even took extra time to do the back of our house! Thanks Bulwark for being such a great and trusting company! Thanks Nicole and David you guys rock!!!!‎

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Black Widows In Knoxville

Perhaps the most recognizable of all spiders in Knoxville, the Black Widow is also one the city's most hazardous. The Black Widow spider frequents dark corners, crevices, basements and garages of your home.

The female Black Widow is easy to spot with her long legs and her large, glossy black abdomen marked with a red hourglass underneath. Unlike her male counter-part, she is dangerous. She can even be deadly.

What Do Brown Widows Look Like

What Do Brown Widows Look Like
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The Threat of Black Widow Bites

Most spiders in Knoxville are deemed harmless, unless of course you are talking about the Black Widow spider. The female Black Widow is actually not an aggressive spider, but Knoxville homeowners do get bit when they bump into this spider unintentionally. When she is being disturbed or when she is protecting her eggs she will attack, biting her victim and unleashing potent venom.

Upon being bit by a Knoxville Black Widow spider, a victim will experience pain, muscle cramping, abdominal pain, and tremors. Vomiting, dizziness, and chest pain can also follow a Black Widow bite. While fatalities due to a Black Widow spider bite are rare, they can happen to young children, the elderly, and those with weakened immune systems. If you are bitten by Black Widow spiders in Knoxville, seek immediate medical attention.

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