What Do Brown Widows Look Like

What Do Brown Widows Look Like

The humid climate of Knoxville attracts various types of pests one of these being the Black Widow. Black Widows find the corners and nooks in your home to hide. These arachnids are pretty effortless to make out. They are pitch black with a bright red hourglass on the belly. Their webs are also irregular, so don’t look for a pattern. Black Widows are fairly reclusive spiders, but will bite if threatened, and what a bite this arachnid can punch.

Physical symptoms from a Black Widow bite are also simple to diagnose. Initially the bite will just feel like a prick, but symptoms will quickly begin to emerge. Some probable symptoms include fever, nausea, vomiting, muscle pain and tension, headaches, and more. This spider’s bite is an even greater threat to children and older people.

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