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Knoxville Beetle Control

Guaranteed Beetle Control

While the city of Knoxville, TN is home to dozens of different species of beetle; many of which can be both nuisance and destructive pests. The Carpet beetle, the Potato beetle, and the Boll Weevil commonly overrun Knoxville homes if they are not protected. These beetle pests can destroy gardens and other household items in their paths. While some beetles can be beneficial insects, like the soldier beetle for instance, most are definitely considered nuisances. You smell that unpleasant odor? It may be a stink bug, which are notorious Knoxville home invaders. Don’t even think about stepping on them… If you do you’ll be left with an unsightly stain.

There are a few other common beetles that can be frequently found in Knoxville. These beetles include: True Chinch bugs, Blister beetles, Mold beetles, assassin bugs, Sow bugs, Elm Leaf beetles, and Ground beetles.

Bulwark Pest Control has many resources on hand to battle Knoxville beetle infestations. Their professionals are up-to-date on all of the most recent beetle extermination methods. If you are not a Knoxville, TN homeowner who already trusts Bulwark Pest Control for their beetle exterminating needs; Call today! Bulwark Beetle Control is 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

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