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We have had Bulwark for the past 5 years and have always had excellent service. At our last routine appointment, my husband spoke to Ron, the Technician, about a spider problem we are having. Ron answered our questions honestly, and applied the proper treatment. He was knowledgeable and professional about the issues we were having. Bulwark has always kept their appointments, and have responded immediately to any service calls we have made.‎

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Bulwark Pest Control has licensed ant control professionals to help Knoxville homeowners with ant infestations. With years of experience and state-of-the-art ant control technology, Bulwark Exterminating has perfected a five step ant control process. This process is 100% guaranteed to exterminate your ants.

The Bulwark Ant Control Five Step Process to Control Ants

Step 1: Inspection. A Bulwark Ant Control technician will thoroughly inspect your property for ants and ant nests.

Step 2: Identification. The technician will determine which type of ant is overrunning your property. Years of experience will make it possible for the technician to know if the ant is a Fire ant, Little Black ant, Argentine ant, Carpenter ant, or Acrobat ant.

Step 3: Recommendation. After determining the level of ant infestation and the species of ant a Knoxville homeowner might be dealing with, the experienced technician will recommend a plan of action.

Step 4: Treatment. Through years of experience and research, Bulwark has established a very effective ant control solution. A qualified Bulwark technician will treat the ants by strategically administering this proven ant solution.

Step 5: Evaluation. The reason Bulwark Exterminating can guarantee their service is that your technician will continue to evaluate the ant conditions of your home and property during each treatment. These evaluations come with additional treatments if needed.

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