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Eastern Subterranean Most commonly responsible for termite damage is the Eastern Subterranean termite. These colonies can be extremely large ranging from a couple thousand to a million termites. A single queen can reproduce 2,000 eggs in a day. Worker termites will generally feed on the structure of your Houston home, as well as furniture, trees, and other wooden materials. Millions of dollars in damages are caused every year by these colonies.

Formosan Known to now be the most disastrous species of termite in the U.S., Formosan termites scourge the Houston area. These termites are native to Asia but have established themselves very well in Southern states. Unlike most termites, Formosan termites can deface your home in only a few months. Not only will they tear through your home they will also wreck havoc on plaster, plastic, asphalt, and thin metal made structures and objects. These colonies can grow well into the millions.

Desert Subterranean The Desert Subterranean termite is probably the most abundant in Houston, yet also the least harmful. These termites do have the ability to destroy your home and its wooden furnishings, but typically won’t. This critter can be found in dead plants like cacti.

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