Houston Fire Ants

Since their arrival in the late 1930’s, homeowners in Houston, Texas have been clashing with a malicious ant…  the Fire Ant! In terms of human health, property damage, and environmental damage, very few insects can hold a candle to the Fire Ant. Quite frankly, the Fire ant is the worst pest in Texas… And the residents of Houston know it!

How Fire Ants Get in Your Houston House

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Bulwark Exterminates Fire Ants In Houston, TX

Fire ants build massive mounds that can destroy your beautiful Houston, TX real estate. Even though these ants are destructive and administer painful stings, there is some good news. Bulwark Exterminating in Houston, TX offers Fire Ant control to exterminate these diabolical creatures. A Bulwark Fire Ant control technician can quickly identify a Fire Ant infestation on your property, and recommend a plan of action.

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An Houston Fire Ant Control Guarantee

Unfortunately, Houston Fire Ants are not that easy to control. A Houston homeowner cannot simply walk into a local hardware store and purchase a can of insecticide. These over-the-counter sprays may exterminate a few ants, but will do little to completely eliminate a Fire Ant colony.

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